Learning Spanish Language

Studying at the SLC not only guarantees a Spanish immersion experience but also an immersion in one of the most historically significant locations Spain has to offer.

Spiritual formation is at the core of the language program. The teaching team takes the time to have daily devotionals with the students and to help students maintain their spiritual walks. Every week there are many Evangelical church services that students can attend. Students can even join small groups with Spanish natives. This part of the learning experience takes the material from class to a whole new learning level. No other Spanish language program in Spain has the ability to offer this in their courses.

The SLC is located in the historically rich town of Santiponce, which is a beautiful suburb of Sevilla. Down the street of the SLC is of the intact Monastery of Isidoro del Campo, where the Reina-Valera was first translated in 1569. Needless to say, this town has a special place in the hearts of all Spanish speaking believers worldwide. Sevilla itself has deep historical ties to the Spanish Inquisition and played a unique role in the Protestant Reformation. In fact, during the Spanish Inquisition over 30,000 Christians were martyred standing up for their faith and are remembered by a famous monument in downtown of Sevilla.

Just 100ft from the front door of the Spanish Language Center students can visit an entirely preserved roman amphitheater. The amphitheater is actively used and brought to life during local festivals and celebrations. Within a short walking distance from the SLC are some of the most famous and frequently visited Roman ruins in Spain including a small coliseum and large tile mosaics. Furthermore, the single largest discovery of roman coins in archeological history was found less than a few miles away from the SLC. Lastly, the town of Santiponce is proud to be the birthplace of two important Roman emperors.

The courses offered are flexible and can accommodate students for any time period. Students have a variety of options available from private classes, short intensive courses, to a yearlong curriculum. The classes are customized to the financial, temporal, leveling needs of each student. The teaching team is made of native Spaniards who have over 75 years of combined teaching experience. Since the SLC is located in the Theological Seminary of Sevilla, students have an extraordinary opportunity to audit or take for credit seminary classes in Spanish. Some members of the teaching team are professors of the seminary. The teaching methodology of the SLC emphasizes experiential learning techniques through practicum activities, live in-class discourse, and cultural-historical excursions.

Excursions and activities of the SLC are completely one-of-a-kind to our school.

During the weekends many students take short bus rides to visit some of the world’s highest ranked beaches. Our students have easy access to Granada, Toledo, Ronda, Córdoba, the Strait of Gibraltar, Cádiz, Marbella, Morocco, Lisbon, and many other locations.

Studying at the SLC not only guarantees a Spanish immersion experience but also an immersion in one of the most historically significant locations Spain has to offer.


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